Information for Master's Students

  • Current Master's Projects/Theses

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    • Project: R2C: Recipes to Calories (Android with Google OCR/NLP)
    • Project: itsMyPrice - "reverse EBay" (Spring WebFlux/WebSockets/Cassandra)
    • Project: Using GitHub and Continuous Integration Technologies in Introductory Programming Courses (GitHub/Java/Gradle)
  • Completed Master's Projects/Theses

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    • Thesis: Cyberbullying Classification: Analysis of Text in Social Media Memes
    • Project: MarkMeIn (Android w/peer-peer networking component)
    • Project: Identify Human Feeling (Python/Classification of Physiological Data), Fall 2020
    • Project: NEIUPass (C#/.NET, Assessment System), Spring 2020
    • Project: Auto-Animator - Animation Software (JavaFX/Graphics Algorithms, Spring 2020
    • Project: MarkMeIn (Java/Oracle Web Logic, Attendance System), Fall 2019
    • Project: WalkSmart (Android/Google Maps SDK), Fall 2019
    • Project: Backcalculation of volcanic S02 propagation (Python/Big Data), Fall 2017
    • Project: Office Hours Scheduling System (PHP/Laravel), Fall 2016
    • Project: Graph Algorithms (JavaScript), Summer 2016
    • Project: University Marketplace (Java), Spring 2016
    • Project: Know Ur Chicago (Java/JSF/MySQL/Big Data), Fall 2015
    • Project: Graduate Student Advising Management System (PHP), Fall 2015

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CS-490: Master's Project Information

Credit Hours:
Course Description:
The completion of a large scale software project and associated documentation or thesis. Topic for project is chosen in conjunction with the project advisor.
30 hours of graduate credit
Project Sign-Up:
  1. Choose a primary faculty advisor and ask him/her to advise you on your final project/thesis. Ideally, your advisor's interests should intersect with your interests so that they are able to provide you with the necessary guidance to create a project you enjoy working on. It is a good idea to be flexible and be prepared to work with several potential advisors.

    Faculty Research Interests
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    Dr. Rachel Adler Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Science Education
    Dr. Francisco Iacobelli
    Dr. Ahmed Khaled Internet of Things (IoT), Distributed Systems, Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing
    Dr. Peter Kimmel Complexity Theory, Communication Complexity, Algorithms
    Dr. Manar Mohaisen Software Analysis and Security, Wireless Communications, Social Network Analysis
    Dr. Graciela Perera Computer Science Education in Cybersecurity, Future Networks, Network Security attacks and defenses using experimentation
    Dr. Marcelo Sztainberg Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Medical Informatics
    Dr. Rachel Trana Interdisciplinary Applications, Computer Science Education, AI/Data Mining
    Dr. Xiwei Wang Recommender systems, Data Mining
  2. Determining your co-advisor: If your primary advisor is not a tenure-track faculty member (see the list of tenure-track faculty for CS below), then you need to have a co-advisor for the Master's Project that is a tenure-track faculyt member. You need to have your co-advisor's agreement to the project and signature prior to enrolling in CS-490.
  3. Determine a project topic.
  4. Go the the CS Department office and get the registration form for CS-490. Your primary advisor will need to help you fill out this form. You can only register for Master's Projects in the Fall and Spring semesters.
  5. Download the proposal instructions and form (see Project Materials above) and create your proposal. You will need to discuss your proposal in-depth with your primary advisor. Note: The proposal is not a comprehensive list of what is to be accomplished for your project - merely a broad outline/description.
  6. As part of the project proposal form, make sure to sign that you understand the project requirements.